Therefore, selection for improvement in oil or eugenol yield, which requires cumbersome procedures, can be done indirectly using leaf yield, which in turn is related closely to canopy spread.

Krishnamoorthy et al. (1988) observed significant variability for bark oil content in cinnamon germplasm. Krishnamoorthy et al. (1991) also reported significant variation in progeny performance of nine lines for plant height, number of branches per tree, fresh and dry weight of bark and percentage recovery of bark. Krishnamoorthy et al. (1992) also studied the variability and association studies in 71 cinnamon germplasm accessions maintained in the germplasm conservatory of IISR, Calicut (Table 2.14). Among the characteristics, the highest variation was for dry weight of bark followed by fresh weight of bark, bark oleoresin and leaf oil. Moderate variability was noted for bark oil and leaf size index. High association existed between fresh weight of bark and leaf oil with dry weight of bark. Ponnuswamy et al. (1982) also conducted some studies on variability among seedling progenies of cinnamon. In field plantations of

Botany and Crop Improvement of Cinnamon and Cassia 71 Table 2.14 Mean, range and coefficient of variation for nine characteristics in cinnamon




Leaf length (cm) Leaf breadth (cm) Leaf size index Fresh weight of bark (g) Recovery of bark (%) Bark oleoresin (%) Bark oil (%) Leaf oil (%) Dry weight of bark (g)

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