Qty in tonnes, value in thousand US$.


Qty in tonnes, value in thousand US$.

Cinnamon is used in the food manufacturing sector and the bakery industry. As in the US, cassia is preferred in the Australian bakery sector as well, because of its stronger flavour.

Middle East countries

The Middle East market is a growing market for cinnamon and cassia products. Next to pepper, cassia and cinnamon are the most popular spices in Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Iraq and the UAE. Their import mainly consists of cassia, though a small quantity of cinnamon is also imported from Sri Lanka. China is the major supplier for this vast and vibrant market.

The period-wise growth rate estimated for individual country's imports indicates that there is a surge in demand for the commodity both in traditional and in new markets. The estimated demand of growth rate is more than that of the population growth rate, indicating enormous market potential for the crop.


About 94% of the total production in the world is exported, indicating the commercial nature of the crop. Untill the end of 1970s (period I), Sri Lanka was the leader in production and export of this commodity controlling the markets of North and South America. The other major importers, like France, Germany and the UK, re-export value added cinnamon products. The share of Sri Lanka's export has been reduced from one third of the global demand to one/tenth over the past two decades.

Table 12.12 Period-wise cinnamon export by the major producing countries (1971—2000)





Sri Lanka





Period I

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