C. iners

(a) Phellem

(b) Phellogen

(c) Phelloderm

(d) Secretory cells

(e) Stone cells

(f) Half stone cells

5—10 layers — thin-walled, tangentially flattened, suberised cork cells

Not distinct

Not sharply defined from pericyclic region. 10—16 layers of tangentially elongated cells that contain either starch grains or filled with a brownish substance Cells containing oil are intermingled with cortical parenchyma cells and some containing oil and large cells containing mucilage are scattered in the phloem region

Middle part of the bark contains tangentially elongated, sometimes thick-walled sclerenchymatous stone cells with reduced cavities. Inner walls thicker than outer Present

5—20 layers — tangentially elongated cells, slightly suberised

Not distinct

Several layers of cells which contain either starch grains that are sparingly distributed; contain acicular crystals of calcium oxalate

Distributed in the cortical and phloem region which contain oil

Distributed in the cortical region, isolated or in groups, associated with fibres, generally thick walled with their walls striated


10—20 layers — two kinds of cork cells alternating each other which are either suberised or sclerosed More or less distinct due to presence of brownish content

16—20 layers of tangentially elongated cells that either contain starch grains or acicular crystals of calcium oxalate

Distributed in the cortical and phloem region. These cells contain oil, mucilage and tannin

Distributed in the outer region of the cortex thick walled


10—15 layers — slightly suberised; contain reddish-brown substance

Somewhat distinct

Several layers of tangentially elongated cells that contain starch grains, acicular crystals and a few prismatic crystals of calcium oxalate

Few cells containing essential oils and mucilage in the cortical and pericycle regions

Stone cells are separated by cortical parenchyma cells with pitted walls and slightly thickened at one side. A few are occasionally found in the bast region


Table 2.6 (Continued)

Microscopic characters

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