Lymph drainage Fig 105

1 The fundus (together with the ovary and Fallopian tube) drains along the ovarian vessels to the aortic nodes, apart from some lymphatics which pass along the round ligament to the inguinal nodes.

2 The body drains via the broad ligament to nodes lying alongside the external iliac vessels.

Para-aortic nodes

Para-aortic nodes

Lymph Drainage Inguinal
Superficial inguinal nodes

Fig. 105 Lymph drainage of the uterus and vagina.

3 The cervix drains in three directions—laterally, in the broad ligament, to the external iliac nodes; posterolaterally along the uterine vessels to the internal iliac nodes; and posteriorly along the recto-uterine folds to the sacral nodes.

Always examine the inguinal nodes in a suspected carcinoma of the corpus uteri—they may be involved by lymphatic spread along the round ligament.

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