The heart and great vessels in anterior oblique radiographs

The left oblique view (Fig. 40)

The greater part of the mediastinal shadow in this view is formed by the right and left ventricles, above which the relation of the arch of the aorta and the pulmonary trunk to the translucent trachea can be seen.

The right oblique view (Fig. 41)

Almost all of the cardiac shadow in this view is due to the right ventricle. It is particularly useful for the assessment of the size of the left atrium since its

Right Anterior Oblique Esophagram Barium

posterior wall forms the upper half of the posterior border of the cardiac shadow. This border can be defined more accurately by giving the patient barium paste to swallow; the outlined oesophagus is indented by an enlarged left atrium.

Part 2

The Abdomen and Pelvis

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