The nasopharynx

The nasopharynx lies above the soft palate, which cuts it off from the rest of the pharynx during deglutition and therefore prevents regurgitation of food through the nose.

Two important structures lie in this compartment.

The nasopharyngeal tonsil ('the adenoids') consists of a collection of lym-phoid tissue beneath the epithelium of the roof and posterior wall of this region. It helps to form a continuous lymphoid ring with the palatine tonsils and the lymphoid nodules on the dorsum of the tongue (Waldeyer's ring).

The orifice of the pharyngotympanic or auditory tube (Eustachian canal) lies on the side-wall of the nasopharynx level with the floor of the nose. The posterior lip of this opening is prominent, due to the underlying cartilage of the Eustachian tube, and is termed the Eustachian or pharyngeal cushion, behind which lies the slit-like pharyngeal recess.

Eustachian Tube Sagittal
Fig. 201 A sagittal section through the head and neck to show the subdivisions of the pharynx.
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