The radius and ulna Fig 123

The radius consists of the head, neck, shaft (with its radial tuberosity) and expanded distal end. The ulna comprises olecranon, trochlear fossa, coronoid process (with its radial notch for articulation with the radial head), shaft and small distal head, which articulates with the medial side of the distal end of the radius at the inferior radio-ulnar joint.

In pronation and supination, the head of the radius rotates against the radial notch of the ulna, the shaft of the radius swings round the relatively fixed ulnar shaft (the two bones being connected by a fibrous interosseous ligament) and the distal end of the radius rotates against the head of the

Ulna With Features
Fig. 123 The right radius and ulna—anterior aspect.

ulna. This axis of rotation passes from the radial head proximally to the ulnar head distally.

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  • dario greece
    Where is the head of the ulna?
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    Which of the following is not a feature of the proximal end of the ulna?
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    What are the clinical features of ulna?
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