V2 The maxillary nerve see Fig 260

The maxillary nerve is again purely sensory. Passing forwards from the

Trigeminal Ganglia Damage

central part of the trigeminal ganglion, close to the cavernous sinus, it leaves the skull by way of the foramen rotundum and emerges into the upper part of the pterygopalatine fossa. Here it gives off a number of branches before continuing through the inferior orbital fissure and the infra-orbital canal as the infra-orbital nerve which supplies the skin of the cheek and lower eyelid.

The maxillary nerve has the following named branches:

1 the zygomatic nerve, whose zygomaticotemporal and zygomaticofacial branches supply the skin of the temple and cheek respectively;

2 superior alveolar (dental) branches to the teeth of the upper jaw; and

3 the branches from the pterygopalatine ganglion, which run a descending course and are distributed as follows: the greater and lesser palatine nerves, which pass through the corresponding palatine foramina to supply the mucous membrane of the hard and soft palates, the uvula and the tonsils, and the mucous membrane of the nose and a pharyngeal branch supplying the mucosa of the nasopharynx. The nasopalatine nerve (long sphenopala-tine) supplies the nasal septum then emerges through the incisive canal of the hard palate to supply the gum behind the incisor teeth. The posterior superior lateral nasal nerves (short sphenopalatine) supply the posterosupe-rior lateral wall of the nose.

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