How Much Vitamin C Do I need A Tolerance Test

People very frequently ask me, "How much vitamin C do I need to take per day?" My answer is, "Only your own body can tell you this!" But what does this mean?

The daily vitamin C needs for your body to stay healthy depend on two basic factors: your genetic construction— the DNA (stretched cone)—and the actual health status of your body (short cone). As there is no system to measure the required daily need for vitamin C, we have to learn how to interpret the signals our body gives us. Too much vitamin C and the body will react with the signal of mild diarrhea. The reason: the excess vitamin C is excreted and causes fast bowels.

This method can only be used to measure an individual's need for vitamin C when following a step plan. Start taking the basic dietary supplement basic program and in addition take an extra amount of vitamin C, preferably in a complex form. Increase vitamin C intake gradually, by one gram a day, until you start to notice that your bowel movements become quicker. Now decrease the dosage by one or two grams and stay on it. This is your individual daily need of vitamin C.

California-based Dr. Cathcart established in his clinical research that patients with serious diseases could handle far higher amounts of vitamin C before they developed diarrhea than his healthy control group. Whereas in healthy people 8 to 10 grams a day were sufficient, patients with infections and other serious diseases could take 40 to 60 grams of vitamin C a day without problems—because of the body's increased need.

Cellular Health

Cellular Health emphasizes the Importance of nutrient supplementation for optimum health. Vitamins, minerals, trace elements and amino acids are essential in optimizing cell function in the body. These nutrients blend together in cell metabolism like musicians like musicians in the orchestra.The requirements for particular nutrients vary from person to person and they largely depend on the genetic make-up, lifestyles or health conditions.

In general we need to make sure that nutrients such as vitamin C and amino acids lysine and proline are provided in optimum amounts. These nutrients are the building blocks of collagen, elastin and other components of the connective tissue in our body. They also include connective tissue-cementing elements, such as chondroitin sulfate and other glycosaminoglycans. These nutrients are essential for proper structure and optimal function of this tissue that builds and glues all cells together and forms body organs. These nutrients should be added to your diet gradually so your body has time to adjust and respond to them.

Today conventional medicine is in a stage of frustration. Despite millions of dollars spent on pharmacological research, cancer, coronary disease, and other common health problems keep spreading like wildfire. The only reason that these diseases are not controlled is that their true causes have not been understood or have been ignored; therefore no effective, conventional therapy is available.

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