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Do vitamins and amino acids only help against the spreading of cancer or can they also help to prevent the development of cancer?

The development of cancer always proceeds through different stages. It starts with a cell that has been damaged by toxins from the diet, medication, radiation, or other damaging factors. In many cases the damaged cells die. Others survive and start to multiply uncontrollably. These cells are the cradles of the cancerous disease. Now only a weakness of the connective tissue is needed for the cells to multiply even more and start to spread, leading to cancer.

In all stages of the disease, including at the onset, vitamins have a protective function. Vitamin C, for instance, is decisive in the detoxification of the pharmaceutical drugs in the liver, which could otherwise lead to liver damage and liver cancer. Numerous studies have established that several other vitamins and substances have the same importance in cancer prevention. These include various antioxidants, such as carotenoids, vitamin E, coenzyme Q10, among others.

Cancer Fighting Nutrients

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Cancer Cell

Vitamin C Antioxidants

Cancer Spreading

Vitamin C Lysine

To prevent the cancer from spreading further, high dosages of lysine and vitamin C are particularly important, as I described in this book. That is why these natural substances are now available in a powdered form, so that the dosage can be easily increased when needed.

What about the government's recommended daily intake (RDI)? Why are those lower than the ones you recommend in this book?

Advisory agencies on nutrition and the like have maintained for decades that 60 milligrams of vitamin C a day is sufficient to keep a person healthy. Generations of doctors have passed this false information on to their patients. Now the following has been established:

• There was or is no scientific or clinical research to substantiate these "recommendations."

• This small amount of vitamin C may be sufficient to prevent scurvy, but it can never guarantee the strength of the connective tissue that is needed to prevent the spread of disease.

• The consequence of this low vitamin C recommended dose is that many common diseases are still spreading among millions of people and creating a mass market for pharmaceutical products.

Exactly how do enzymes dissolve collagen?

In this book I have presented the mechanism of collagen digestion in a simplified way by using red "Pac-Man" characters. The actual process is somewhat more complex and is therefore summarised graphically on the next page. First, the cell secretes an enzyme, called the plasminogen-activator, which has the function of activating a second enzyme, called plasmin. Active plasmin then vitalizes a third enzyme, the pro-collagenase, and converts it to the final enzyme, collagenase. As we can deduce from the name, collagenase is the enzyme that digests the collagen, thus facilitating the conditions for cells to move around.

Is there a chance of side effects when taking nutrients in the dosages recommended in this book?

No. The vitamins, minerals, and amino acids that are not used up by the body cells are simply excreted. Remember that the human body has learned to deal with these natural substances for thousands of years. On the other hand, pharmaceutical products were developed in the test tubes of the pharmaceutical companies only this century. The human body treats them as foreign substances or cell toxins that have to be detoxified.

Naturally, "high" dosage is a relative term. Mammals—the goat for instance—can manufacture about 15 grams of vitamin C a day, and in cases of stress, even more. That is over 200 times the RDA "recommendation." Alternative cancer clinics in the United States treat patients with advanced stages of cancer with up to 200 grams of vitamin C a day—over 200,000 milligrams or 3,000 times the RDA recommendation. Naturally, these vitamin C doses must be given intravenously. However, it is a fact that to date no patient has died of an overdose of vitamin C, whereas hundreds of thousands die each year because they never hear about vitamin therapy to fight against serious disease, or they learn of it too late.

As has been discussed, no side effects or disruptions of normal body functions can be expected when taking lysine, even in dosages of several grams a day. However, the opposite is often the case. Many people die because this natural therapy is not applied.

Can every disease discussed in this book benefit from the Cellular Health approach?

Cellular Health is an important and natural way to help your body prevent and heal diseases. In many cases, however—especially in the advanced stages of a disease—Cellular Health cannot fully recover your health. Extensive research is being done to try and make these cases the exceptions.

Scientific Details of Enzymatic Collagen Digestion and Lysine Blocking

Blocking by Lysine


2. Enzyme

Blocking by Lysine


2. Enzyme

The following bibliography contains Important studies on blocking collagen degradation as well as on the use of vitamins to combat cancer and other diseases.

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