Successful Use of Enzyme Blocks in Cancer Therapy

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Efficient control of the spread of a disease by collagen-dissolving enzyme blocks has been successful with several diseases. This is especially Important In diseases for which orthodox medicine has no preventive or healing therapies yet. This includes the forms of cancer Illustrated on the next page.

To date hundreds of studies have established that a high-dosage supply of vitamin C, vitamin E, beta-carotene, and other dietary supplements can prevent several forms of cancer. There Is more information on this subject in the literature listed In the bibliography. A supply of vitamins In high dosages forms the basis for every current cancer therapy. Vitamin therapy has achieved therapeutic success In hor-mone-lndependent forms of cancer, whereas in hormone-dependent forms of cancer the natural therapies have been either hardly effective or not successful.

Now, for the first time we have at our disposal an effective form of a natural therapy, based on blocking the enzymatic destruction of collagen. As seen In the example of ovulation, these collagen-dissolving enzymes are in particular activated by hormones; therefore the use of lysine In high dosages can be effective In treating all forms of cancer. In 1977, a Swedish research group led by Dr. Astedt from the University of Lund reported the successful treatment of breast cancer with enzyme blocks:

Secondary tumours were already developing In the brain of the patient with breast cancer. Radiation and chemotherapy were without results. While under the treatment with enzymatic blocks the brain metastasis and other symptoms of the Illness began to diminish. One year after the treatment the patient was free of complaints.

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