Cardiopulmonary Bypass During Pregnancy

This is usually done for rheumatic mitral valve disease or endocarditis. Several caveats hold: 1) the procedure should be done after the first trimester but before the third trimester in order to avoid the period of organogenesis and the period where the cardiac demands and the blood volume are maximal; 2) keep the fetus adequately oxygenated and avoid acidosis; 3) keep the patient tilted slightly to the left to permit adequate venous return from the inferior vena cava as blood flow is 30-50% more in pregnancy; 4) the perfusion pressure should be kept at least 60 mmHg; 5) a fetal heart monitor should be in place; 6) the patient should not be cooled further than approximately 32-34°C to ensure that the fetus is not at risk of fibrillation due to low temperatures.

Herbal Remedies For Acid Reflux

Herbal Remedies For Acid Reflux

Gastroesophageal reflux disease is the medical term for what we know as acid reflux. Acid reflux occurs when the stomach releases its liquid back into the esophagus, causing inflammation and damage to the esophageal lining. The regurgitated acid most often consists of a few compoundsbr acid, bile, and pepsin.

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