Fig 12.12. Right upper lobectomy and sleeve resection of adjacent main-stem bronchus. (a) Ligation of azygous vein and right upper pulmonary artery and vein branches. (b) Proposed sleeve resection. (c) Right upper lobe has been resected. A bronchoplasty between the right mainstem bronchus and the bronchus intermedius will be done. Reprinted with permission from Shields TW. Bronchial Sleeve Lobectomy. In: Shields TW. 3rd ed. General Thoracic Surgery; p. 379. © Williams & Wilkins.

tion. The inferior pulmonary ligament is taken. The hilum is mobilized and the right upper lobe branch of the right superior pulmonary vein is taken. Then either anteriorly or within the fissure, the right superior pulmonary artery (truncus anterior) is taken and the posterior ascending artery is separately taken within the fissure. Posteriorly, the take-off of the right upper lobe bronchus from the right main bronchus is identified. The right mainstem is transected medially, the bron-

chus intermedius is transected proximally, and the right upper lobe is removed en bloc. The bronchus intermedius is then anastomosed to the right mainstem bronchus with interrupted 3-0 Vicryl. A pleural or pericardial flap is placed over the bronchoplasty to increase vascularity and provide support in the event of a leak.

Postoperative pulmonary care must be meticulous and bronchoscopy is warranted immediately with any evidence of right middle or lower lobe collapse or infiltrate.

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