Myocardial Contusion

This has been documented by careful studies at Harbor-UCLA to have greatly overrated clinical significance. While it is true that blunt cardiac injury can lead to rupture of the heart which is usually immediately evident, nonrupture of the heart from blunt trauma usually will not result in major life-threatening hemodynamic sequelae. It is true, however, that on occasion there will be a patient with arrhythmias resulting from blunt injury to the heart that must be managed with anti-arrhythmic therapy. In general, however, a patient who has blunt chest trauma who has no evidence of EKG changes on his emergency room EKG has an extremely low risk of developing future arrhythmias related to his myocardial contusion. Right ventricular dysfunction may occur since the right ventricle is the most anterior portion of the heart and more susceptible to compression from a direct sternal blow. MUGA scan or cardiac ECHO are usually not indicated, however, unless there are specific indications to do so.

Your Heart and Nutrition

Your Heart and Nutrition

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