Thoracic Outlet Syndrome Hyperhidrosis

and Causalgia 285

Fritz J. Baumgartner

General Characteristics of Thoracic Outlet Syndrome 285

Provocative Maneuvers 285

Costoclavicular Test (Military Position) 287

Roos Test 287

Transaxillary First Rib Resection 288

Causalgia 288

Hyperhydrosis 289

23. Pulmonary Mechanics 291

Fritz J. Baumgartner

24. Surgery of the Trachea 295

Fritz J. Baumgartner

Anatomy 295

Pathology 295

Surgical Treatment 296

Reconstruction of the Trachea 297

Tracheal Innominate Fistula 300

Tracheoesophageal Fistula 301

25. Thoracoscopy 305

Fritz J. Baumgartner

General Principles 305

Apical Bleb Resection 307

Lung Biopsy 308

Cancer Staging and Lymph Node Biopsy 309

Dorsal Sympathectomy 309

Esophagomyotomy 310

Index 313

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