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How to Build a Backyard Chicken Coop

Making your own chicken coop will probably be the best decision that you have ever made for your home. Why, do you ask? Building your own chicken coop does three things for you. First, it saves you a lot of money. Having someone else build a coop for you can set you back a lot of cash that you shouldn't have to spend. Second, you can build it how YOU want it done. A coop that comes with your house will likely not meet the specific needs of your flock. Third, you will look on what you have built with pride, knowing that you have built something lasting and high quality. This ebook teaches you how to build your own chicken coop from scratch without having to have any previous construction experience or much money at all. Make the coop that your flock deserves! Continue reading...

How to Build a Backyard Chicken Coop Summary


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Highly Recommended

I've really worked on the chapters in this ebook and can only say that if you put in the time you will never revert back to your old methods.

In addition to being effective and its great ease of use, this eBook makes worth every penny of its price.

15 Chicken Coop Plans By Easy Coops

Now you can choose the healthy self-sufficient life style and build your own chicken coop in your backyard without any experience or elaborated woodwork tools. You will learn how to build a durable great looking coop that will withstand weather changes. This book will help you supply your family with daily healthy delicious eggs. Some of my doubts before buying the book was the lack of experience I had and I felt great that all plans didn't require any woodwork background because they are all explained in details and illustrations and the best advantages for me is that every plan has very accurate measurements which helped a lot. This 600 pages book has 15 different coop plans to choose from. Each plan have a security measures to keep hens save and have a space for adults to walk. By reading each plan you will learn the best durable material which is very cost effective and you will learn how to make all the ventilations and insulations work. The book was created by a collection of big names and certified professionals in the field of agriculture and sustainable farming. I find it is the best book in this field so far. Continue reading...

15 Chicken Coop Plans By Easy Coops Summary

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Life Cycle Of The Malaria Parasite And Sites Of Drug Action

The incubation period of malaria is 10-35 days. The principal features of the life cycle (Fig. 14.1) of the malaria parasite must be known in order to understand its therapy. Female anopheles mosquitoes require a blood meal for egg production and in the process of feeding they inject salivary fluid containing

The return of the organism

But unfortunately, natural selection does not work in this benevolent way. If all else is equal, a variant laying 20 eggs rather than 200 will die out rapidly from the population, which will later go extinct as a result of its own short-sighted overuse of resources. In this case, natural selection acting at the level of the organism gene has acted against the interests of the species. Of course, this is all just mental game-playing, and if we give the game different rules we will get a different result. If the 20-egg producer makes eggs that somehow are 'better' and have a higher probability of survival to adulthood, then the form of selection will change, and a lot hinges on how much better is 'better'.


The antibacterial potency of phenols is increased by halogenation. para-Substituents are more effective than ori io-substituents. Addition of alkyl chains further increases potency and straight chains are more effective than branched ones. It is more effective to have the halogenpara and the alkyl group ortho than in the reverse orientation. Increasing the molecular weight of the alkyl group usually increases the antibacterial potency (depending on the species) and decreases the toxicity (42,43). A free hydroxyl group is required for a ntibacterial activity. Chloro and alkyl groups enhance potency by increasing lipophi-licity and consequently reducing surface tension. Electron-withdrawing groups such as halogens increase the acidity of the phenol. Nitration increases antibacterial potency but also increases toxicity to higher species. Nitro-phenols uncouple oxidative phosphorylation The most widely used and effective substituted alkylhalophenols are chlorophene...


, may undergo fusion, producing a diploid embryo. Phenomenon includes non-gametic forms of AUTOMIXIS and in animals is a common cause of MACE HAPLOIDY. In animals, THELYTOKY (absence of males) enables rapid production of offspring Without food competition from males. Cyclical parthenogenesis (as in 'some aphids and flukes) involves a combination of thelytoky and bisexual fertilization. In some 'aphids thelytoky prevails in summer, males only appearing in autumn or winter when fertilization occurs. In the midges MidStOf and Heteropeza, larvae possess functional ovaries enabling progenetic reproduction by automixis, adults not appearing for generations some larval flukes are progenetic. Some instances of f thelytoky (automictic, or 'meiotic, thetytoky) involve meiotic egg-production, and'two of the four meiotic products sometimes fuse to restore diploidy in others (apomictic, or ameiotic, thelytoky), mitosis produces the egg cells. In some cases diploidy may be restored by ENDOMITOSIS...

Yvonne Holm

Ocimum basilicum is known under the following local names in the Rift Valley in central Kenya (area in brackets) Chemishwa (Tugen), Chenekom Sipko (Pokot), Embuke Emboa (Bukusu), Lemurran (Samburu), Mwenye (Luhya), Mutaa (Kamba) and Rigorio (Marakwet). The vapour of boiling leaves is inhaled for nasal or bron-chial catarrh and colds. The leaves may be rubbed between the palms and sniffed for colds. It cures stomachache and constipation. The leaves are crushed and the juice is used as vermifuge. It is further used to repel mosquitoes and as a broom to sweep chicken house in order to get rid of fleas.

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