Hypertension and Toxemia of Pregnancy

Toxemia is characterized by extreme hypertension, protein loss in the urine, and fluid retention and can be fatal for the mother and/ or the fetus.17 Fortunately, optimal nutrition can help prevent this disorder. Both too much and too little weight gain increase risk of hypertension during pregnancy. Inadequate salt intake may also increase the risk, so women should not attempt to restrict salt intake during pregnancy. Low calcium and/or zinc intake sharply increases risk of toxemia. Calcium supplementation (2g/day) during pregnancy may reduce risk of toxemia by a third (see Fig. 4.5).17 Supplemental vitamin B6 (25-50 mg/day) and evening primrose oil (containing gLa) (see pp.89) may also be helpful in preventing and/or treating this disorder.

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Blood Pressure Health

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