Anatomical Distribution of Bitten Sites

It can be seen from the anatomical distribution of the bite marks studied by the author (see Fig. 11) that no part of the body is spared. This graph does not distinguish between male and female, child or adult, or whether there were multiple bites to one person, but serves purely to illustrate that it is essential for medical personnel to thoroughly examine the body for biting injuries and carefully document the findings. Record the anatomical location and nature of the injury and its size, shape, and color. However, photographic documentation is essential for bite mark analysis. In many cases, there are multiple bite marks on the body, some that the victim may not be aware of or recall. Multiple bite marks on the body, produced by the same perpetrator, may vary


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Fig. 11. Anatomical distribution of last 11 0 bite marks studied by the author (Hinchliffe).

considerably in appearance depending on several factors; these include the site bitten, number of teeth involved, thickness of the skin, elasticity of the skin, force involved, relative movement between biter and victim, etc.. In short, do not jump to the conclusion that there are multiple biters or vice-versa. Nor should it be assumed that a small biting injury has been caused by a child; it may be an incomplete adult bite. Where bruising is diffuse or confluent, size is not always easy to determine. If the marks on the skin can be identified as being made by the smaller deciduous (baby) teeth, it would suggest the mark has been inflicted by a young child. It is widely appreciated that it is easy to miss bruising on dark skins.

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