Dedication v

Foreword by Sir John Stevens vii

Preface to Second Edition ix

Preface to First Edition xi

Contributors xv

Value-Added eBook/PDA xvii

Chapter 1

The History and Development of Clinical Forensic Medicine

Worldwide 1

Jason Payne-James

Chapter 2

Fundamental Principles 37

Roy N. Palmer

Chapter 3

Sexual Assault Examination 61

Deborah Rogers and Mary Newton

Chapter 4

Injury Assessment, Documentation, and Interpretation 127

Jason Payne-James, Jack Crane, and Judith A. Hinchliffe

Chapter 5

Nonaccidental Injury in Children 159

Amanda Thomas

Chapter 6

Crowd-Control Agents 179

Kari Blaho-Owens

Chapter 7

Medical Issues Relevant to Restraint 195

Nicholas Page

Chapter 8

Care of Detainees 205

Guy Norfolk and Margaret M. Stark

Chapter 9

Infectious Diseases: The Role of the Forensic Physician 235

Felicity Nicholson

Chapter 10

Substance Misuse 285

Margaret M. Stark and Guy Norfolk

Chapter 11

Deaths in Custody 327

Richard Shepherd

Chapter 12

Traffic Medicine 351

Ian F. Wall and Steven B. Karch

Appendices 387

Index 427

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