10.2.1. Consensual

Although anal intercourse among heterosexuals is the least common component of the sexual repertoire, it has been experienced on at least one occasion by 13-25% of heterosexual females surveyed (64,80,167), and it was described as a regular means of sexual gratification for 8% of women attending one gynecologist (80). Among 508 men who reported having had a same-gender sexual experience at some stage in their lives, 33.7% reported insertive anal intercourse, and 35.4% had experienced receptive anal intercourse. Interestingly, in contrast to a common perception, more men had experienced both practices than had been in exclusively receptive or insertive roles (168).

10.2.2. Nonconsensual

Anal intercourse was reported by 5-16% of females who described having been sexually assaulted (6,169). Although it may be the only sexual act performed, it is more frequently combined with vaginal and oral penetration (6,169). Fewer data are available regarding sexual assaults on males, although Hillman et al. (170,171) report that penetrative anal intercourse was described by 75-89% of the male complainants they studied.

Beat The Battle With The Bottle

Beat The Battle With The Bottle

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