Human Rights Act 1998

This Act, which received royal assent in November 1998, will have a most profound effect on the rights of the individual in European Community member states and on the interpretation of UK statute law (see Appendix 1 for relevant Articles). It will come into effect at some future date (unknown at the time of writing), and the Act will give effect to rights and freedoms guaranteed under the European Convention on Human Rights. U.K. primary and subordinate legislation "so far as it is possible to do so...must be read and given effect in a way which is compatible with the Convention rights." When the Act is in force, by section 19, "A Minister of the Crown in charge of a Bill in either House of Parliament must, before second reading of the Bill—(a) make a statement to the effect that in his view the provisions of the Bill are compatible with the Convention Rights" or must make clear that he or she cannot make such a statement but wishes in any event to proceed with the Bill. It will assuredly have a far-reaching and wide-ranging impact on UK law and practice.

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