Management in Custody

With either known or suspected cases (consider all abscesses/ulcers of IDUs as infectious), standard precautions should be applied. Staff should wear gloves when touching mucous membranes, nonintact skin, blood or other body fluids, or any items that could be contaminated. They should also be encouraged to their wash hands with an antimicrobial agent regardless of whether gloves have been worn. After use, gloves should be disposed of in a yellow hazard bag and not allowed to touch surfaces. Masks and gowns should only be worn when conducting procedures that generate aerosols of blood or other body fluids. Because this is an unlikely scenario in the custodial setting, masks and gowns should not be necessary. Gloves should be worn when handling bedding or clothing, and all items should be disposed of appropriately. Any open wounds should be covered as soon as possible. The cell should be cleaned professionally after use if there is any risk that it has been contaminated.

6.9. Other Bacteria Associated With Abscess Formation in IDUs

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