Medical Evidence

When an allegation of anal penetration is made, the perianal skin, anal canal mucosa, and, when tolerated, the lower portion of the rectum should be examined with the aid of a proctoscope/anoscope. This can be done simultaneously with the retrieval of the forensic evidence.

It is generally accepted that with gradual dilatation and lubrication, consensual penile anal intercourse can be performed without any resultant injury (80,182). Furthermore, it is important to emphasize that nonconsensual anal penetration can also occur in both children and adults without producing acute or chronic injury (3).

Although anecdotal accounts have detailed the anal and rectal injuries that result from consensual penile/object anal penetration (121,175), few peer-reviewed articles have addressed this subject. Similarly, many studies have documented the presence of anal symptoms or signs among complainants of sexual assault (133,170), but few of these have described the acute injuries in any detail or related these injuries to the specific complaint and its subsequent outcome.

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