Other Soft Tissue Injuries

• Subgaleal hematoma—diffuse, boggy swelling on the scalp can occur following hair pulling (often associated with broken hairs and petechial hemorrhages).

• Periorbital injury—from a direct blow (e.g., a punch).

• Ocular injury

■ Subconjunctival hemorrhage from direct trauma, suffocation, strangulation, chest, or abdominal trauma.

■ Direct trauma can also lead to corneal or scleral laceration or scarring, ruptured globe, vitreous or retinal hemorrhage, acute hyphema, dislocated lens, traumatic cataract, and detached retina.

• Perioral injuries—bruising or laceration to the lips from a direct blow to the mouth.

• Intraoral injuries.

■ Ulceration to the inner lips or cheeks from a blow to the face causing impaction of the tissues against teeth, torn frenulum from a blow to the upper lip, or penetrating injury from a feeding utensil.

■ Abrasions or lacerations to the palate, vestibule, or floor of the mouth from penetrating injuries (e.g., from a feeding utensil).

■ Petechial injury to the palate from direct trauma to the palate or oral abuse.

■ Tooth injury (e.g., breaks, fractures, or avulsions caused by blunt trauma).

• Abrasions—superficial areas of skin loss caused by friction injuries, scratches from fingernails, or sharp-edged objects.

• Cuts or incised wounds—a superficial injury that is longer than it is deep, produced by a sharp-edged object.

• Lacerations producing rugged wounds from crushing or tearing of the skin resulting from blunt force.

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