The Mini Mental State Examination



What is the (year) (season) (date) (day) (month)? /5

Where are we: (country) (state) (county) (town) (police station)? /5


Examiner names three objects (e.g., orange, key, ball). Patient asked to repeat the three names.

Score one for each correct answer. /3

Then ask the patient to repeat all three names three times.


Serial 7's. Stop after 5 correct answers.

Alternatively, if patient makes errors on serial subtraction:

spell 'world' backwards: D L R O W. Score best performance on either task. /5


Ask for the names of the objects learned earlier. /3


Show and ask the patient to name a pencil and a watch. /2

Give a three-stage command. Score one for each stage (e.g., 'Take this piece of paper in your right hand, fold it in half, and place it on the chair next to you). /3

Ask patient to read and obey a written command on a piece of paper stating: "Close your eyes." /1

Ask the patient to write a sentence. Score correct if it has a subject and a verb. /1


Ask the patient to copy intersecting pentagons. Score as correct if they overlap and if each has five sides. /1

Total Score /30

From: Folstein, M. F., Folstein, S. E., McHugh, P. R. "Mini-Mental State." A practical method for grading the cognitive state of patients for the clinician. J. Psychiat. Res. 12:189-198, 1975.

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