The Patients Best Interests

In circumstances in which a patient is incapable of giving consent because of incapacity, immaturity, etc., and has refused to allow the doctor to speak to other appropriate persons, the doctor may disclose information to other appropriate persons if convinced that it is in the patient's best medical interests. If a doctor believes that a patient is the victim of physical or sexual abuse or neglect, he or she may disclose relevant information to an appropriate person or statutory agency in an attempt to prevent further harm to the patient.

Another example of this exception is when a doctor believes that seeking permission for the disclosure would be damaging to the patient but that a close relative should know about the patient's condition (e.g., terminal or some psychiatric illnesses).

The doctor must always act in the patient's best medical interests and be prepared to justify his or her decision. Advice may be taken from appropriate colleagues and/or from a protection or defense organization or other professional body.

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