Fighting Terrorism and Buying Food with Biometrics

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People in the United States and in many other countries around the world are concerned with terrorism. Consequently, bio-metric applications are becoming more popular and necessary. Government and private organizations are developing and promoting many biometric applications such as fingerprint scans, hand geometry, and retinal scans to defend against terrorism. For example, airport security in the near future will use face scanning and fingerprinting. Visitors crossing national borders may be tracked with biometric information on large databases. Transportation employees will have their biometric information readily available to authorities in case of trouble.

Along with national security, biometric devices can have applications in everyday life. Medicare patients will eventually scan their fingers to confirm their medical information. Livestock can be identified with retinal scanning tied to a global positioning system to allow their movements to be tracked when necessary. Grocery stores and other retail stores may use biometric devices to prevent the forgery of checks and the use of stolen credit cards.

the unique markings on the tips of each person's fingers. Handprints and hand geometry involves analysis of the shape and size of the hand and fingers. Eye structure analyzes the shape and features of the eyes. Retinal scans use the patterns of the blood vessels located at the back of the eyes. Iris identification scans the colored ring that surrounds the eye's pupil. Vascular patterns analyze the patterns of veins on the back of the hand and wrist.

Voice recognition uses the characteristics of a person's voice such as tempo, frequency, pitch, and tone. Gait analyzes the walking style of a person. Typing patterns measure the keystroke style of a person including the amount of time taken between typed words. Signatures are used because each person signs his/her name in a distinct way. DNA analyzes an individual's genetic makeup.

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