Cake Batters

A cake batter differs from a bread dough in its high fat and sugar contents. During the baking of cakes, the temperature inside the batter will reach 100°C at different times, depending on the position, but the crumb temperature will never exceed 100°C (159). The baking of angle food cake was simulated in the DSC, and it was observed that protein denaturation (egg white proteins) and starch gelatiniza-tion was shifted to higher temperatures in the presence of sucrose at concentrations corresponding to a cake recipe (160). This allowed the volume expansion to continue until the maximum temperature during baking was obtained, before the setting of the structure took place.

An unemulsified cake batter gave a DSC thermogram very similar to that of wheat starch in the corresponding sucrose solution (129). The Tc of the endo-therms was just below 100°C. When an emulsifier (composed of 85-90% glycerol monostearate and 10-15% glycerol monopalmitate) was added, an endotherm just below 60°C was detected, whereas the addition of an unsaturated monoglyceride did not give rise to any new peaks.

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