The effect of pretreatment of barley starch with a-amylase was investigated by DSC. Starch was kept for 3 h at 50, 55, or 60°C, either with enzyme added or without (132). There was a slight increase in Tm for the enzyme-treated starches, whereas the AHgel values did not differ significantly.

When wheat starch was annealed, i.e., kept at a temperature below To, an increase in To and Tm was observed, whereas AT decreased and AHgel remained unchanged (133). Pancreatin hydrolysis of the starches caused a slight increase in To and Tm of native starch, whereas the DSC thermograms of annealed and hydrolyzed starch were essentially unaffected. If the starch was hydrolyzed before annealing, the annealing effect on To and Tm increased.

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