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Dermatitis Herpetiformis

Dermatitis herpetiformis was described 100 years ago by Louis Duhring as a relatively rare skin disease characterized by a rash with small blisters and intense itch. Predilection sites are on the elbows, knees and buttocks, but lesions can also be found on the scalp, axillary folds and back. The onset in young adults is usually sudden. Diagnosis is based on biopsy from the uninvolved skin immunofluorescence shows characteristic granular IgA deposits along the basement membrane. In dermatitis herpetiformis lesions, subepidermal blisters with cellular inflammatory infiltration are found. The rash is gluten-dependent and the improvement in skin lesions occurs slowly even on a strict gluten-free diet it lasts several months before the patient can stop using dapsone (diaminodiphenyl sulphane) which controls the rash in few days and, therefore, it has been used for years in the treatment of dermatitis herpetiformis 30, 31 .

Selfsimilarity And Morphology

One of the strongest arguments in favor of a mathematical view of morphology is the similarity between their various parts that biological organisms display. This is an instance of the more general property of self-similarity that is characteristic of fractals. One part of the body can easily be mistaken for another, a fact often used by artists, designers, advertisers, and others to hint at what it may not be desirable or discreet to reveal. In close-up, the curve of a hand can resemble that of the torso the shape made by the hand and the wrist can seem the same as that made by the leg and the trunk the cleavage between the breasts is like the cleft between the buttocks. In a famous surrealist paint-ing29 by Magritte the resemblance between a frontal view of the naked body and a face has been deliberately exaggerated, highlighting the underlying similarity of form of one part of the body to another. Typically, particular cases of self-similarity have been attributed to natural...

Operative approaches to the brachial plexus

Superior Transverse Scapular Ligament

The patient is placed supine, occasionally placed in a modified beach chair position to facilitate a posterior approach to the shoulder or arm. A folded sheet is placed beneath the scapula. The neck is extended gently and turned to the opposite side. A bump is also placed beneath the buttock to externally rotate one leg (should a sural nerve graft be desirable). The neck, shoulder, entire limb, chest, and both legs are prepared and draped.

Congenital Partial Lipodystrophy Type 1 Dunningam Syndrome

Atrophy of the subcutaneous fat layer usually manifests at puberty, involving the arms, legs, and buttocks. The subcutaneous adipose tissue of the face, neck, and intra-abdominal area may be preserved, giving patients a silhouette of visceral obesity. An increase in intramuscular fat has been reported. Insulin resistance, reduced glucose tolerance, overt diabetes, hypertriglyceridaemia, and low levels of HDL cholesterol are associated with Dunningam syndrome and lead to early onset of atherosclerotic vascular diseases. Acute pancreatitis and liver steatosis may complicate the clinical picture. The identification of missense mutations on chromosome 1q 21-22, involving genes encoding lamins A and C, in affected members of a family suggests the molecular basis of the disease 33 . Lamins provide structural integrity to the nuclear membrane, such that mutations in the

Changing Patterns of Cachexia in the HAART

Abnormal fat accumulation may be visceral (omentum, mesentery, retroperitoneum, pelvic areas), associated with abdominal fullness and bloating (syntomatic fat deposition) 128 , or peripheral 116 , ranging from benign bilateral symmetric lipomatosis 131 to multiple symmetric lipomatosis and to a dorsal ('buffalo hump') and or cervical fat pad ('bull neck') 118 . More recently, lipodystrophy syndrome has been better characterised 132-134 with case-definition signs. Fat redistribution (HARS) may have the aspect of either peripheral lipoatrophy dystrophy, involving the face (loss of buccal, parotid, Bichat's, and preauricular pads, sunken cheeks and eyes, prominent zygomatic arches) buttocks pronounced thinning of the arms and legs with prominence of subcutaneous veins, muscles, and bones loss of normal skin texture, folds and trophism or central lipohypertrophy, with accumulation of fat in the trunk, breast, and or dorso-cervix, leading to bull

Clinical features

Mechanism Anterior Hip Dislocation

The stability of the hip in the standing position depends on two factors, the strength of the surrounding muscles and the integrity of the lever system of the femoral neck and head within the intact hip joint. When standing on one leg, the abductors of the hip on this side (gluteus medius and minimus and tensor fasciae latae) come into powerful action to maintain fixation at the hip joint, so much so that the pelvis actually rises slightly on the opposite side. If, however, there is any defect in these muscles or lever mechanism of the hip joint, the weight of the body in these circumstances forces the pelvis to tilt downwards on the opposite side.

Evaluating The Bedbound Patient

People who are confined to bed, especially when they are emaciated, elderly, or neurologically impaired, are particularly susceptible to skin damage and ulceration. Pressure sores result when sustained compression obliterates arte-riolar and capillary blood flow to the skin. Sores may also result from the shearing forces created by bodily movements. When a person slides down in bed from a partially sitting position, for example, or is dragged rather than lifted up from a supine position, the movements may distort the soft tissues of the buttocks and close off the arteries and arterioles within. Friction and moisture further increase the risk. Assess every susceptible patient by carefully inspecting the skin that overlies the sacrum, buttocks, greater trochanters, knees, and heels. Roll the patient onto one side to see the sacrum and buttocks.

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Some human characteristics such as large buttocks and fat lips, he suggested, might have evolved for the same reason. Darwin discussed human origins again in The Expression of Emotions in Man and Animals (1872), in which he described the evolution of smiles, frowns, and other forms of behavior a subject that had interested him ever since he had watched his firstborn child smiling and crying in his crib.

Pathophysiology of Lipodystrophy Mechanisms of Lipodystrophy The Effects of Protease Inhibitors

Lipoatrophy Extreme

Clinical cases of lipodystrophy syndrome in HIV patients with subcutaneous peripheral lipoatrophy and or localised fat accumulation. 1 Patient with generalised peripheral lipoatrophy. 2,3 Example of atrophy of fat pads of the face (Bichat pads loss). 4 Loss of subcutaneous fat and prominence of veins and muscles in the legs. 5 Atrophy of fat and muscles in the knee region. 6 Regional fat atrophy in the buttock region. 7 Increased abdominal fat in a patient with associated peripheral lipoatrophy. 8 Typical buffalo hump and increase of neck fat. 9 Enlargement of the breast due to accumulation of subcutaneous and mammary fat. 10,11 Bilateral benign symmetric lipomatosis with enlargement of breast and bullneck Fig. 11. Clinical cases of lipodystrophy syndrome in HIV patients with subcutaneous peripheral lipoatrophy and or localised fat accumulation. 1 Patient with generalised peripheral lipoatrophy. 2,3 Example of atrophy of fat pads of the face (Bichat pads loss). 4 Loss of...

Modified Leopolds Maneuvers

Fetus Weeks

These maneuvers are important adjuncts to palpation of the pregnant abdomen beginning at 28 weeks of gestation. They help determine where the fetus is lying in relation to the woman's back (longitudinal or transverse), what end of the fetus is presenting at the pelvic inlet (head or buttocks), where the fetal back is located, how far the presenting part of the fetus has descended into the maternal pelvis, and the estimated weight of the fetus. This information is necessary to assess the adequacy of fetal growth and the probability of successful vaginal birth. Common deviations include breech presentation (the fetal buttocks presenting at the outlet of the maternal pelvis) and absence of the presenting part well down into the maternal pelvis at term. Neither situation necessarily precludes vaginal birth. The most serious findings are a transverse lie close to term and slowed fetal growth that could represent intrauterine growth retardation (IUGR). Most commonly, the fetal buttocks are...

Formulation And Pharmacokinetic Issues

The original fulvestrant phase III trial in the United States of 250 mg fulvestrant utilized two 2.5 mL injections (one in each buttock), instead of the single 5 mL injection used in the concurrent European-based study (24,25). These two dosing options (2 x 2.5 mL and 1 x 5 mL) yield similar plasma concentrations, areas under the curve, and predicted steady-state plasma concentrations (21,22). The parenteral formulation of fulvestrant potentially increases patient compliance in comparison with oral therapy and may improve access to treatment for patients who lack prescription medication coverage.

Afferent parasympathetic fibres

Visceral afferent fibres from the heart, lung and the alimentary tract are conveyed in the vagus nerve. Sacral afferents are conveyed in the pelvic splanchnic nerves and are responsible for visceral pain experienced in the bladder, prostate, rectum and uterus. The reference of pain from these structures to the sacral area, buttocks and posterior aspect of the thighs is explained by the similar segmental supply of the sacral dermatomes.

Approach To Pruritus In Pregnancy Definitions

The lesions of PUPPP usually begin on the abdomen and spread to the thighs and sometimes the buttocks and arms. The lesions, as their name describes, consist of erythematous urticarial plaques and small papules surrounded by narrow, pale halos. The incidence of PUPPP is less than 1 of pregnant women. Immunofluorescent studies are negative for both IgG and complement. Histologic findings consist of normal epidermis accompanied by a superficial perivascular infiltrate of lymphocytes and histiocytes associated with

Literary Analysis

After Lisette dies from cancer, Pierre continues to untangle the threads of mystery that kept his stepmother Tashi enmeshed. He reports that FGM may have been a reaction to the Hottentot apron, or, as described by early European anthropologists, the unusually elongated labia on uncircumcised Khoisan women with enlarged buttocks (steatopygia). The bisexual and biracial Harvard-educated Pierre explains how some tribes eventually decided a woman's dual genitalia

Differences in Body

Differences in body fat arise at puberty when young women begin to store fat in their stomach, buttocks, and legs. This, in addition to skeletal differences, gives women's bodies their curvy shape. Men usually carry their fat in the abdomen. Overall, women have about 10 more body fat then men, which is necessary to maintain fertility. As we discussed in Chapter 2, body fat is required for female fertility because a hormone called leptin, secreted by fat cells, tells the brain if there are enough fat stores to support a pregnancy. When a female does not have enough body fat, the hormones that regulate menstruation are blocked and menstruation ceases. Lack of menstruation can be permanent and results in sterility and bone damage. Excessive exercise or starvation that leads to the cessation of menstruation, called amenorrhea, causes permanent damage when the estrogen that normally increases prior to ovulation is not produced.

Early And Late Childhood

Scoliosis Head Toe

Test for severe hip disease, with its associated weakness of the gluteus medius muscle observe the child from behind as the child shifts weight from one leg to the other. The pelvis should remain level when the weight is borne on the unaffected side, called a negative Tren-delenburg's sign.

The Rectal Examination

The rectal examination of the young child can be performed with the child either in the side-lying or lithotomy position. For many young children, the lithotomy position is less threatening and easier to perform. Have the child lie on the back with the knees and hips flexed and the legs abducted. Drape the child from the waist down. Provide frequent reassurance during the examination, and ask the child to breathe in and out through the mouth to relax. Spread the buttocks and observe the anus. You can use your lubricated gloved index finger, even in small children. Palpate the abdomen with your other hand, both to distract the child and to note the abdominal structures between your hands. The prostate gland is not palpable in young boys.


The potential causes of back pain are numerous (Table 24-1). Pain can emanate from the bones, ligaments, muscles, or nerves. Rarely, it can be a result of referred pain from a visceral organ or other structure. Back pain with radiation down the back of the leg suggests sciatic nerve root compression, generally caused by a herniated intervertebral disk at the L4-L5 or L5-S1 level. Patients typically report aching pain in the buttock and paresthesias radiating into the posterior thigh and calf or lateral foreleg. When pain radiates below the knee, it is more likely to indicate a true radiculopathy than radiation only to the posterior thigh. A history of persistent leg numbness or weakness further increases the likelihood of neurologic involvement.

Bones and joints

The tip of the anterior superior spine of the ilium is easily felt and may be visible in the thin subject. The greater trochanter of the femur lies a hand's breadth below the iliac crest it is best palpated with the hip abducted so that the overlying hip abductors (tensor fasciae latae and gluteus medius and minimus) are relaxed. In the very thin, wasted patient the greater trochanter may be seen as a prominent bulge and its overlying skin is a common site for a pressure sore to form in such a case. The ischial tuberosity is covered by gluteus maximus when one stands. In the sitting position, however, the muscle slips away laterally so that weight is taken directly on the bone. To palpate this bony point, therefore, feel for it uncovered by gluteus maximus in the flexed position of the hip.

Anal Sphincter Tone

Interestingly, reflex anal dilatation (that is, dilatation of the external and internal anal sphincters when the buttocks are gently separated for 30 s), which many authors have said is associated with anal intercourse, was not seen in any of the anoreceptive subjects in the Miles' study group (191).

Lumbosacral Fat Pads

Surface Marking Gluteal

Typical 'Chesterfield sofa' look of the skin of the buttocks (hypertrophy of the superficial fat). a Moderate grade. b Severe grade Fig. 2. Typical 'Chesterfield sofa' look of the skin of the buttocks (hypertrophy of the superficial fat). a Moderate grade. b Severe grade Buttocks - Important LFPs in this region exist only in blacks, Brazilian mulatas, Asiatics and certain Slavic types. Owing to the adherence of the deep fascial layer to the underlying muscles, these fat pads do not tend to drop while standing (Fig. 8), sometimes giving the buttocks a particularly pleasant shape. Enormous buttock fat pads have been described in some African tribes. Pretrochanteric area - This can be subdivided into four regions the iliofemoral bulge, the middle femoral region, the anterior femoral region and the posterior extension, directed towards the infragluteal fold (Fig. 9). A large accumulation of fat in the iliofemoral area is typical among gynoid Caucasians. Fig. 8. Fat pads of the...

The sciatic nerve

The nerve emerges from the greater sciatic foramen distal to piriformis and under cover of gluteus maximus, crosses the posterior surface of the ischium, crosses obturator internus, with its gemelli, quadratus femoris and descends on adductor magnus (Figs 183, 184). Here it lies deep to the hamstrings and is crossed only by the long head of biceps. (Gluteus medius not shown Superior gluteal nerve Gluteus minimus Piriformis Fig. 184 Dissection of the sciatic nerve in the thigh and popliteal fossa. Note that gluteus medius has been removed to show the otherwise completely hidden gluteus minimus.

Male Physical Exam

Male Physical Exam

Ask the patient to lie on his left side with his buttocks close to the edge of the examining table near you. Flexing the patient's hips and knees, especially in the top leg, stabilizes his position and improves visibility. Drape the patient appropriately and adjust the light for the best view. Glove your hands and spread the buttocks apart. Inspect the sacrococcygeal and perianal areas for lumps, ulcers, inflammation, rashes, or excoriations. Adult perianal skin is normally more pigmented and somewhat coarser than the skin over the buttocks. Palpate any abnormal areas, noting lumps or tenderness.

Muscle Design

Within the animal kingdom, the variety in muscle designs is stunning. There are bulky muscles (m. gluteus maximus), long slender muscles (sartorius), muscles with short fibers attached to long tendons (m. gastrocnemius), pennate muscles, etc. Muscle design is highly variable within an animal and also between species. It appears as if there is a specialized muscle design for each possible function (Otten, 1988). It is beyond the scope of this chapter to review all possible designs and functions, and therefore a few basic design principles of muscle will be discussed. Muscles are built from sarcomeres and as a consequence it has two basic design options to tune into functional demands. It can modify either the design or the arrangement of the sarcomeres. Both options appear to have been explored by Nature.


Baby Rectal

The technique for obtaining the rectal temperature is relatively simple. One method is illustrated on the next page. Place the infant or child prone on the examining table, on the parent's lap, or on your own lap. While you separate the buttocks with the thumb and forefinger on one hand, with the other hand gently insert a well-lubricated rectal thermometer, inclined approximately 20 from the table or lap, through the anal sphincter to a depth of approximately 2 to 3 centimeters. Keep the thermometer in place for at least 2 minutes.

Posterior View

Four powerful muscle groups move the hip. To remember these groups, try to picture where muscles need to cross joints to move limbs such as the femur in a given direction. The flexor group lies anteriorly and flexes the thigh. The primary hip flexor is the iliop-soas, extending from above the iliac crest to the lesser trochanter. The extensor group lies posteriorly and extends the thigh. The gluteus maximus is the primary extensor of the hip. It forms a band crossing from its origin along the medial pelvis to its insertion below the trochanter.

Flexor Group

The adductor group is medial and swings the thigh toward the body. The muscles in this group arise from the rami of the pubis and ischium and insert on the posteromedial aspect of the femur. The abductor group is lateral, extending from the iliac crest to the head of the femur, and moves the thigh away from the body. This group includes the gluteus medius and minimus. These muscles help stabilize the pelvis during the stance phase of gait.


The most common symptom associated with chronic arterial insufficiency caused by PAD is intermittent claudication, characterized by pain. ache, a sense of fatigue, or other discomfort that occurs in one or both legs during exercise, such as walking, and is relieved with rest. It is ischemic pain and occurs distal to the site of the arterial stenosis, most commonly in the calves. The symptoms often are progressive and may severely limit a patient's activities and reduce the patient's functional status. An individual with proximal stenosis, such as aortoiliac disease, may complain of exertional pain in the buttocks and thighs. Severe occlusion may produce rest pain, which often occurs at night and may be relieved by sitting up and dangling the legs, using gravity to assist blood flow to the feet.

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