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Spiritual Connection Pendant

Many times we try to connect to the divine; however, somehow we tend to fail. This failure is not a factor of our faults but the ways in which we try to connect. With Spiritual Connection Pendant, forget about that failure and step into a world of peace and tranquility leading all the way to and governed by the Divine itself. This unusual pendant has a sacred image or symbol of the sacred ancient Tree of Life that is revered by almost every religion and civilization. Even, this regard for the symbol dates back to the ancient times when Mayans, Egyptians, Mesopotamians, Celts, and Assyrian were at their full boom in their respective ages. The main answer of why the Tree of Life is worshipped universally is deep-rooted in the fact that it represents the Divine flow of creation and energy from the creator to every being on this planet. To savor the fruits of that flow and to entrench your connection with the Divine, have this pendant now. Wear it or keep it in your bag, it will grant you the spiritual fullness you deserve and have a desire for. Read more...

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Reiki Healing MasteryBy Owen Coleman

This Reiki healing mastery is founded by Owen Coleman, and is considered a spiritual healing technique. The founder believed that there is something, an universal life force or energy that can be used by humans in healing physical and emotional problems. That force or energy is also believed to be present in all human beings, which could be re-balanced and used to heal. The first step in the program focuses on teaching you how to increase your connection with the universal life force energies. Next, the program focuses on how to use that energy to re-balance that force to enable healing within the body. Finally, the course teaches how to get results quickly and easily. People who are looking for total physical, mental, emotional and spiritual balance will definitely benefit from the course. It is a perfect example of how you can heal yourself with natural skills. Read more...

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Ventricular Tachycardia Fibrillation and Sudden Death

Jenner believed that coronary artery obstruction might be the cause of angina pectoris as well as of the often-associated sudden death. He did not, however, mention ventricular arrhythmias. The first to do so was Erichsen (1842) who ligated a coronary artery in a dog heart and noted that this caused the action of the ventricles to cease, with a slight tremulous motion alone continuing. Subsequent studies confirmed and expanded these findings (Begold 1867 Porter 1894 Lewis 1909b), and Cohnheim and Schulthess-Rechberg (1881) showed that ventricular fibrillation occurred even more often after reperfusion following a brief ischaemic episode than during the ischaemic period itself. The clinical importance of these findings was not at all recognized, except by McWilliam, who wrote sudden syncope from plugging or obstructing some portion of the coronary system (in patients) is very probably determined or ensured by the occurrence of fibrillar contractions in the ventricles. The cardiac pump...

How Systems Selforganize

Another factor, not much emphasized, yet crucial, and one that it is difficult to explain under any but a directed-mutation hypothesis, is that species almost invariably evolve in the direction of increasing complexity. Evolution seems always, or nearly always, to tend toward the more complicated and elaborate form. This is so fundamental a fact about life that it is almost a definition of evolution for many people, and it precedes any notions of how that evolution came about. Henri Bergson made it the basis of his ideas, in which evolution is the expression of the life-force striving ever on and upward. It is certainly true that this drift toward complexity is the general tendency of evolution (though there are also many examples of backward evolution in which simpler organisms appear as successors to more complex ones) and it is a tendency that is very hard to explain either by undirected mutation or on the basis of natural selection. Why should the net direction of adaptations...

Treatment Of Cd30 Lymphoproliferative Disorders

CD30+ cutaneous lymphoproliferative disorders include LyP presenting with chronic, recurrent, and self-healing skin eruptions and CD30+ LTCL.87 Their common phenotypic hallmark is the CD30+ T lymphocyte that morphologically resembles ReedSternberg cells. Reported treatment modalities are doxycycline, PUVA, NB-UVB, methotrexate, INF-a, topical steroid and bexarotene formulations, and radiation.88-91 However, none of these treatments alter the natural course of disease therefore, the short-term benefits should be weighed against the potential harmful side effects. Observation in patients with few lesions is recommended, whereas in patients with more disseminated disease low-dose methotrexate or UV light treatment might be effective in clearing disease.92

Materials And Processes In Biology

The body is a chemical laboratory that processes chemicals acquired from nature and turns them to energy, construction materials, waste, and various multifunctional structures (Mann, 1995). Natural materials have been well recognized by humans as sources of food, clothing, comfort, and so on. These include fur, leather, honey, wax, milk, and silk (see Chapter 14). Even though some of the creatures and insects that produce materials are relatively small, they can produce quantities of materials that are sufficient to meet human consumption on a scale of mass production (e.g., honey, silk, and wool). The use of natural materials can be traced back to thousands of years. Silk, which is produced to protect the cocoon of the silkmoth, has great properties that include beauty, strength, and durability. These advantages are well recognized by humans and the need to make them in any desired quantity has led to the production of artificial versions and imitations. Some of the fascinating...

Traditional Chinese Medicine

A practitioner of traditional Chinese medicine views the patient's body as a reflection of the surrounding natural world. Many of the body's functions are described in terms of natural phenomena, such as rivers swelling, wind blowing, and so on. At the core of Chinese medicine is the concept that physical, emotional, genetic, and environmental influences exist in a balance, and that illness is a diversion from that balance. Yin and yang describe patterns of energy flowing through the body in a diametric relationship, similar to night and day and hot and cold. Yin is feminine and yang masculine, yin referring to the tissue of the organs, yang to their activities. The goal of Chinese medicine is to balance and strengthen the yin and the yang. All persons possess a unique life force, the chi (also spelled qi), which flows through the body in channels known as meridians, which have been extensively mapped. Illness occurs when a blockage or imbalance develops in the flow of the chi, and...

Stages of calcifying tendinitis according to Uhthoff [130

Calcifying Tendinitis Rotator Cuff

The authors discriminate between degenerative calcification and calcifying tendinosis. The incidence of calcification increases with age in cases of degenerative calcification, whereas it peaks during the fifth decade in cases of calcifying tendinits. Moreover, degenerative diseases never exhibit a potential for self-healing. Futhermore, the histologic and ultrastructural features of degenerative calcification and calcifying tendinosis are quite different.

Cell Cell Channels and Their Implications for Cell Theory

Already in 1892 Julius Sachs was aware of most of the problems associated with the Cell Theory, which in fact survive until the present. Sachs proposed the Energide concept, postulating that it is the nucleus and its protoplasm which represent the vital unit of living matter within a supracellular construction, while the cell periphery is only a secondary structure generated by the active Energide for its shelter and protection. Recently, we elaborated the Cell Body concept which explains how and why the nucleus and the microtubular cytoskeleton have become merged together to build a coherent and universal unit of eukaryotic life which is autonomous and can synthesize the rest of the cell. However, there are several problems with the term Cell Body as it is sometimes used in other meanings. Here we show that the Energide concept of Sachs can be united with the Cell Body concept. Moreover, we agree with Julius Sachs that the term Energide better invokes the unique properties of this...

Multifunctional Materials

Nature has made great efforts to use its resources effectively, and besides the use of power in efficient ways including its recycling, nature also assigned multifunctions to its materials and structures. For example, our skin encases blood and other parts of our body, supports the regulation of body temperature, has self-healing capability as well as many other functions. Also, our bones provide the required body stiffness to support it allowing us not only to stand, walk, and conduct various critical mobility functions, but it also produces our blood in the bone marrow. The use of materials that perform multiple tasks allowed nature to make its creatures with a lower body weight. The concepts of multifunctional materials and structures are being studied by many researchers and engineers (see more details in Chapter 12) and has been the subject of a DAPRA program at the end of the 1990s. Increasingly efforts are made to emulate this characteristic, where multiple disciplines are...

Oxidation Asphyxia Theory

In April 1851 Snow presented a theory that explained how narcotic vapors worked. It was based on two fundamental observations The inhalation of narcotic gases reduces the amount of carbonic acid formed in the system, and chloroform and ether are exhaled unchanged from the blood (ON, 16 626). These agents, defined as the volatile narcotic substances not containing nitrogen, or those subsances whose power was found to be in the inverse ratio of their solubility in water and the serum of the blood, have the effect of limiting those combinations between the oxygen of the arterial blood and the tissues of the body which are essential to sensation, volition, and, in short, all the animal functions (ON, 16 626). They modify, and in larger quantities arrest, the animal functions, in the same way, and by the same power, that they modify and arrest combustion, the slow oxidation of phosphorous, and other kinds of oxidation unconnected with the living body (ON, 16 626). He articulated his theory...

Pathogenesis And Epidemiology 31 Tuberculosis

The majority of people exposed to leprosy will not develop it. Those who develop it, after an incubation period that can range from 1 to 40 years (usually 5-7 years), may have only single lesion (indeterminate leprosy) that is often self-healing or may progress to the pauc-ibacillary or multibacillary stages. The progression and evolution of the infection is influenced by many factors socioeconomic status, immune status of the host, genetic factors, and concomitant infections. For instance, a previous infection with M. tuberculosis may boost the immune system, diminishing the chances of developing leprosy (105). BCG vaccination seems to provide protection against leprosy, but the figures proving it are quite different, ranging from 20 to 80 (106). Conflicting results are reported also about the influence of concomitant HIV infection on the development of leprosy. So far there is no indication that the HIV epidemic is causing an increase in the number of leprosy patients. It is...

Self Help and Holistic Medicine

But by the 1970s patients were starting to vote with their feet again, in both Europe and the United States. The complaint voiced by 1970s radical authors such as Ivan Illich, Fritjof Capra, and Rene Dubos was that orthodox medicine was still too uncaring and 'invasive', too narrow and mechanistic, and still far too drug-based. It was failing to cope with chronic disease, and it was certainly failing to deal with the 'whole person' the six- to seven-minute average consultation time was a particular complaint. At the same time women's liberation groups were pioneering medical 'self-help' through feminist medical advice books, self-help videos, classes, and communal group analysis which all proved very effective in launching the widespread natural birth movement (which included the use of massage and warm-water birthing pools, a throwback to ancient Methodist techniques).41 Progressive doctors responded quickly to these critiques. In the United States a pressure group of doctors working...

Minimum Freeenergy Method For Rna Secondary Structure Prediction

To predict RNA secondary structure, every base is first compared to every other base by a type of analysis very similar to the dot matrix analysis. The sequence is listed across the top and down the side of the page, and G C, A U, and G U base pairs are scored (for an example using a dot matrix method to find hairpins, see Fig. 5.5). Just as a diagonal in a two-sequence comparison indicates a range of sequence similarity, a row of matches in the RNA matrix indicates a succession of complementary nucleotides that can potentially form a double-stranded region. The energy of each predicted structure is estimated by the nearest-neighbor rule by summing the negative base-stacking energies for each pair of bases in double-stranded regions and by adding the estimated positive energies of destabilizing regions such as loops at the end of hairpins, bulges within hairpins, internal bulges, and other unpaired regions. Representative examples of the energy values that are currently used are given...

Biomimetics Of Muscle Design

The modular design of muscle also facilitates the remodeling and repair of the muscle. The self-healing properties of muscle emerge from the integration of muscles into a system that allows wound healing and continuous turnover via transport of nutrients and removal of waste products. It is arguably much simpler to grow and repair individual units than having to adapt the entire structure. Furthermore, it may be argued that the variety in designs is facilitated by the modular design just like Lego enables designs only limited by one's imagination. Until recently, remodeling and repair was only feasible within the domain of biological materials and systems. However, recent innovations in material science have resulted in self-repairing polymers (Wool,

Cell Based Processing and Functionalization of Materials

In tissues, the interplay between cells and the ECM is dynamic cells secrete and organize the macromolecules that form the ECM specific organizations of ECM provide environmental cues for cells, which alter their physiology in response to these cues. Part of this physiological response is to remodel the surrounding ECM and, thereby, provide a new set of environmental cues to neighboring cells. This continuous processing of ECM by cells is a paradigm that may be translated to biomaterial design (51). The next generation of biomaterials will consist of materials in which the synthesis and processing is a hybrid effort, i.e., synthetic materials will act as templates that direct the further processing of materials by cells. This cellular processing of materials will occur in vivo, for applications such as implants and tissue engineering, or in vitro, where the goal is to use cells to introduce biological functions (sensing, catalysis, self-healing) into synthetic materials and devices.

Literary Analysis

Particular, Rieux's professional ethics are apparent when he asks the Parisian journalist Raymond Rambert to write the whole truth of their situation in Oran then, later, when Rambert, who finds himself in the wrong place at the wrong time, begs Rieux to certify him plague-free so he can return to a lover he calls his wife, Rieux cannot, for the law was the law. All live in a state of constant fear, and their vulnerability is brought home to them when even during Gluck's opera Orpheus the tenor collapses on stage. The opera's theme evokes Rambert's attempt to reunite with his loved one however, when weighing personal happiness against the greater good, he simply cannot abandon his friends and the fight. Rieux's friend, the newcomer Jean Tarrou, symbolizes the resistance fighter who organizes volunteers. Duty for Tarrou, like Rieux, is paramount, even if he is the lone survivor who remains to wash dead bodies. His moralistic code is simple as a good person he must stay and fight the...

Historical Context

Huxley, Francis Galton, Thomas Malthus, and Ivan Pavlov, Huxley created ways in his future world to artificially reproduce humans and to condition them to be content with their predetermined lots. Writing Brave New World was his way to address a fear that the world was becoming spiritually bankrupt and settling into an abhorrent conformity. A similar theme is reflected in 1984, the work of his contemporary George Orwell. Huxley's novel describes an economy-driven population in which physical and psychological control is essential. How we choose to advance humanity through breeding techniques is the novel's main concern, casting a cautionary eye on eugenics, the term Francis Galton coined in 1883.

Sjm Alternating Match Mismatch Morphology Discrimination

Although this is rarely used today, some ICDs may still be programmed to committed mode in which therapy will be delivered after initial tachycardia detection criteria are met even if the arrhythmia spontaneously terminates. This mode of operation may result in frequent or multiple shocks for nonsustained ventricular arrhythmias. Some devices are capable of defibrillation therapy for atrial tachyarrhythmias. Multiple low-energy shocks are one strategy to terminate atrial fibrillation with these devices as an alternative or prelude to high energy therapy.

Teaching Philosophy

We have important central beliefs about the activity of clinical interviewing. First, we consider clinical interviewing to be both art and science. This means you need to exercise your brain through study and critical thinking. Further, you need to develop and expand personal attributes required for effective clinical interviewing. We encourage academic challenges for your intellect and fine-tuning of the most important instrument you have to exercise this art yourself. Second, with reference to the Cannon quote, we believe, from the client's perspective, the clinical interview should always be on the building-up or reparative side in the ledger of life's experiences. Reasons for interviews vary. Experience levels vary. But as Hippocrates implied to healers many centuries ago As far as it is in your power, never allow the clinical interview experience to harm your client.

Clinical Trials

In the setting of a poor functional age, serious comor-bid medical conditions, and particularly patient preference, less intensive chemotherapy or aggressive supportive care may be more appropriate treatment options. Drugs such as hydroxyurea (generally given in doses of 500-3000 mg day, adjusted to the degree of leukocytosis and or treatment-related thrombocytopenia) and low-dose ara-C (at a dose of 10 mg m2) are well tolerated and will reduce leukocytosis for a period of time, though neither will impact survival.96 We use the phrase aggressive supportive care to emphasize that symptoms will be treated vigorously and to distinguish this modality from hospice. Blood and platelet transfusions should be administered to alleviate symptoms stemming from anemia and thrombocytopenia, and antibiotics initiated when appropriate. In addition, integrative therapies such as Reike, therapeutic touch, and herbal medicines may be used by the willing patient. These latter interventions often can be...

Inner Cleansing

'Biological cleansing' is a biotechnology of perpetual motion, common to all species. Bio-perpetual motion runs on its own time. As in all other plants and animals our bodies respond obediently to the macrobiological rhythms of our solar and lunar 'body clocks', that prompt us through the years, months, days, and hours, ordaining the time to eat, sleep, give birth, grow, or die.1 Human body-cleansing also has its own physical calendars and clocks. Powerful daily circadian cycles regulate our total energy flow and all the major bodily processes, particularly the arrival and passing of the menses, the fetus, and the faeces. Micro-second cellular activity is constant but it is when we are asleep, or resting, that microbiological 'cleansing' can take place relatively uninterrupted. It is no accident that we cleanse ourselves in the morning from the evacuated remnants of our night's sleep just as we cleanse ourselves in the evenings from the remnants of the day's work.


If there is a life-threatening or a terminal situation developing then the psycho-social aspects can become increasingly delicate as can the pharmacological one. Dying in a pain-free and dignified way is an expectation and hope we all have. To be approaching, consciously and slowly, one's end, in pain and distress, puts great demands on the individual, physically, emotionally and spiritually (Penson and Fisher 1991). No one can ever really know what it is like for another at such a time. And yet if we are to contribute meaningfully and constructively to someone's pain-free and dignified death the more insight that we can gain into the possible factors and processes that might be operating the better. The nature of our relationship with the dying person, whereby we demonstrate a desire to share with them their 'inside story', will be crucial. They and they alone should be the arbiters of their care.


It is understandable that this mechanism needs to be precisely timed and to be confined to a specific location. This mechanism must assure that only one egg per cycle ripens and passes through. Therefore, it is absolutely necessary that collagen-digesting enzymes remain in a timely and physiological balance with the mechanism that blocks these enzymes and initiates self-healing of the tissue.


A student has once told me that it is humiliating to have human gene sequences aligned against those of chimpanzees, monkeys or even snakes and turtles. I suspect that people of the past would also find it humiliating to have our earth displaced from the center of the universe and ranked among the other planets. Indeed it would have been much nicer, at least esthetically more charming and spiritually more enlightening, to have human genes all quite different from genes of all other living creatures. It would also have been nicer to have our earth centered in the universe with all stars and galaxies orbiting around us. That would instill into our mind a certain confidence that a supernatural custodian is looking after our wellbeing. We would have been more coherent when preaching to our children.


There are four steps to ayurvedic therapy detoxification, palliation, rejuvenation, and spiritual healing. Bowel purges, phlebotomy, enemas, and nasal douches are all utilized to purge impurities from each of the doshas. Diet, medications, herbs, and yoga are used to bring the now-cleansed doshas back into alignment. Once balanced, the body's functions are strengthened and rejuvenated with additional herbal and exercise


Population, and among poor but spiritually ambitious civic scholars such as St Augustine (354-430), who was converted to contemplative asceticism by Plotinus, and later turned to his mother's religion, Christianity, to help him sublimate his strong sexual urges by adopting celibacy, or chastity.15 Chastity had always been an attribute of priesthood but was now the ultimate ascetic challenge for the Christian believer.


Self-Healing Self-healing materials are a form of mimetics in that most conventional nonliving structures are incapable of the self-repair seen in the normal healing of tissue or bone in the body. The applications of self-healing biomaterials range from automatic sealing of biological containment suits in battle to automatic repair of structural implants, such as replacement hips and knees.


Interactions between communities and their physical environments form systems known as ecosystems. One of the major phenomena underlying an ecosystem is the flow of energy. Because photosynthesizing organisms trap the energy in an ecosystem, they are producers. Because certain organisms in the community meet their energy needs by feeding on these producers, they are consumers. Producers are usually autotrophs, while consumers are usually heterotrophs. Primary consumers feed directly on plants, while secondary consumers (carnivores) feed on the animals that eat the plants. The energy flow forms a one-way pattern the energy is used for metabolic reactions and the remainder is given off as heat.

Modern Well Being

The universe, derived from both eastern Asian and Western classical-vitalist cosmologies. It pays close attention to the action of primary elements (earth, air, fire, water, metal, and wood), and to the old existential or environmental categories such as air, food and drink, exercise, sleep and work, the evacuations, and passions of the mind. The body is seen as existing in a biological envelope through which the cosmic physical forces of 'bio-energy' (or ying and yang) flow with a transcendent psychic energy that can be either harmful or benign. There is a particular interest in the tonic therapeutic actions and reactions of the five senses (acting not only through the nose, but through the eyes, the hands, the ears, and the voice) and in psychosomatic medicine generally the term favoured by progressive holistic GPs is 'biopsychosocial medicine'.46 The techniques used to control bio-energy are mainly those preserved and developed in the ancient practical-medicine traditions of...

Vitalist Health Care

The medical bible of the end-of-century European Naturphilosophie vitalists was the health book by Goethe's friend Christian Wilhelm Hufeland (1762-1836), called Makrobiotik, oder, Die Kunst, das menschliche Leben zu Verlangern (1794), translated into English as The Art of Prolonging Life in 1797 (thus taking the strange foreign word Makrobiotik out of the title).64 Makrobiotik was a handbook on how to control the 'rapid or slow vital consumption' of the life force, and how to regulate the 'vital operations' and 'vital organization' of the body. It held out the hope not only of personally prolonging life, but of

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Basics of Spiritual Living

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