Mahala Yates Stripling

Exploring Social Issues through Literature

Claudia Durst Johnson and Lynn Malloy, Series Editors


Westport, Connecticut • London

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Stripling, Mahala Yates.

Bioethics and medical issues in literature / Mahala Yates Stripling.

p. ; cm. — (Exploring social issues through literature, ISSN 1551-0263) Includes bibliographical references and index. ISBN 0-313-32040-3

1. Medicine in literature. 2. Fiction— 19th century—History and criticism. 3. Fiction—20th century—History and criticism. 4. Bioethics.

[DNLM: 1. Medicine in Literature. 2. Bioethical Issues. WZ 330 S918b 2005] I. Title. II. Series. PN56.M38S76 2005 809'.933561—dc22 2005001493

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First published in 2005

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In loving memory of Irene Yates and Anna Bland Stripling, the grandmothers who taught many great lessons to my daughters, Whitney Harding and Lauren Stripling

The sole advantage to possessing great works of literature lies in what they can help us to become. ... It is only they, in so far as they are appropriate food and not poison for us, that can add to the present value and dignity of our minds.

—George Santayana, Three Philosophical Poets

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