Discovery of the Eukaryotic Hyaluronan Synthases

After the Group A HA synthase was cloned, a family of related eukaryotic HA synthase genes was reported in other bacteria, mouse, human, frog, zebra fish and chicken (5-22). In human and mouse there are three different genes, encoding three distinct HA synthase isozymes. These genes are designated mouse Has1, Has2 and Has3 or human Has1, Has2 and Has3. The three HA synthase genes are located on different chromosomes in both mouse and human (15). In humans the Hasl gene is on chromosome 19q13.3-13.4, Has2 is on chromosome 8q24.12 and Has3 is on chromosome 16q22.1. Each of the three mammalian HA synthases are active, i.e., able to synthesize HA, when expressed as recombinant proteins in a wide variety of cell types (28).

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