The spectrum of immunotherapy for autoimmune diseases includes the following (i) nonspecific immunosuppression, (ii) specific immunosuppression and (iii) cytokine modulation. Nonspecific suppression refers to the suppression of immune responses, rather than suppression of a specific T-cell or B-cell clone. Nonspecific suppression can be very general or it may include classes or subclasses of cells. Specific suppression targets clones of cells, or small subsets of a larger population. Much of the pathology associated with autoimmune disorders is the result of unregulated production of Type 1 cytokines. Therapies designed to shift the response to the production of Type 2 cytokines is to induce tolerance by regulating (inhibiting) the secretion of Type 1 cytokines. Tuning down Th1 cell stimulation, not surprisingly, is of benefit.

Clinical Cases and Discussion

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