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Use in Prevention and Therapy

Infections of the skin (fungal infections, acne, impetigo, boils), influenza, conjunctivitis, ear infections (otits externa and media), bronchitis and pneumonia, and infectious diarrheal disease may benefit from vitamin A. Even in children who are not vitamin A deficient, vitamin A can lessen the severity of communicable infectious diseases.5,12,13 For example, vitamin A supplements taken with measles or infectious diarrhea can reduce complications and mortality by more than 50 .5,13

Scientific Foundations

By Staphylococcus aureus (Staph) and Streptococcus (Strep). Strep throat is a common sickness caused by Streptococcus. Some physicians also suggest that children with certain skin conditions such as acne or impetigo (a common skin infection that causes crusty sores) use antibacterial soap to control these conditions.

Skin lesions

As disseminated infections with filamentous fungi or mycobacteria are difficult to diagnose in a timely fashion, biopsies and cultures of suspicious skin lesions are often helpful. Pseudomonas, Candida spp., and Fusarium are particularly likely to be associated with skin lesions. Lesions of ecthyma gangrenosum most often reflect disseminated infection with Pseudomonas. Disseminated candidiasis can present with nodular or papular scat

Transient Lesions

Swelling, redness, and tenderness, although frequently caused by trauma, are not specific signs of injury. Although it is important to record whether these features are present, it must be remembered that there also may be nontraumatic causes for these lesions (e.g., eczema dermatitis or impetigo).

Heavy Metals

Silver Nitrate Cauterization Wounds

Tic, but its present use is limited to disinfecting instruments and occasional application to un-abraided skin. The most significant inorganic mercury compound is ammoniated mercury (Hg(NH2)Cl), which is used for skin infections such as impetigo. It is formulated as ammoniated mercury ointment, which contains 5 or 10 of the compound in liquid petrolatum and white ointment. Mercuric oxide (HgO) is used sometimes for inflammation of the eye.

Skin Infections

Superficial bacterial infections, e.g. impetigo, eczema, are commonly staphylococcal or streptococcal. They are treated by a topical antimicrobial for less than 2 weeks and applied twice daily after removal of crusts that prevent access of the drug, e.g. by a povidone-iodine preparation. Very extensive cases need systemic treatment.

Minor Antimicrobials

Mupirocin is primarily active against Gram-positive organisms including those commonly associated with skin infections. It is available as an ointment for use, e.g. in folliculitis and impetigo, and to eradicate nasual staphylococci, e.g. in carriers of resistant staphylococci. It is rapidly hydrolysed in the tissues.