Temperature Effects

The literature regarding the affects of temperature on cell culture productivity and glycosylation is relatively limited. Research, thus far, has concluded that decreased growth temperatures have been associated with increased cell viability, decreased media consumption, and decreased oxygen consumption (64,65,105-107). With regard to cellular productivity, the effects of decre-ased culture temperature have been variable. Additionally, the effects of temperature on glycosylation have only been preliminarily investigated (64,108). Chuppa et al. (64) found that at decreased growth temperatures, the sialic acid content did not appear to change. Additionally, the authors observed that the total sugar content of the protein was lower at 37°C than at the lower culture temperatures. Kaufmann et al. (65) did not directly examine glycosylation changes; however, the authors observed changes in posttranslational modifications, specifically tyrosine phosphorylation. Also, Kaufmann et al. (65) used two-dimensional polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis (2D-PAGE) to examine the pro-teome. They observed 10 upregulated proteins at the lower culture temperature. Thus, they concluded that the molecular mechanisms underlying the change in protein expression are not well understood and need to be investigated further.

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