Clinical Proteomics Ovarian Cancer 133

Ayodele A. Alaiya

8.1 Introduction 133

8.2 General Background 135

8.2.1 Ovarian Cancer 135

8.2.2 Ovarian Tumor Markers 137

8.2.3 Screening Methods and Diagnostic Difficulties in Ovarian Tumors 139

8.2.4 Treatment and Prognosis of Ovarian Tumors 139

8.3 Cancer Proteomics 140

8.3.1 Protein Profiling and Cancer 140

8.3.2 RNA Expression Analysis in Cancer Cells: Promises and Pitfalls 141

8.3.3 Potentials and Limitations of Current Protein Profiling Technologies 142

8.3.4 Unravelling Tumor Complexity Prior to Proteome Analysis 143

8.3.5 The Future of Clinical Proteomics: Challenges and Opportunities 144

8.4 Short Overview of Ovarian Cancer Proteomics 145

8.4.1 The Promise of Proteomics in Ovarian Cancer Diagnostics 145

8.4.2 Analysis of Tissue Samples 146

8.4.3 Analysis of Serum Samples 147

8.4.4 Disease Prognosis and Protein Expression Data 148

8.5 Acknowledgements 150

8.6 References 151

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