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Wastewater, deionized water

(3) Other Water

Groundwater at superfund site Groundwater at gas-spill site


Seawater, soil pore water

Wetland sediment pore water

Sediment pore water, (a) better than (b)

(a) Headspace SPME

(b) Headspace SPME with internal standard

Adjusted to pH < 2, CH2C12 extraction Diethylether extraction of freeze dried samples Concentration by static diffusion, acidification to pH2 Clean-up with hexane, 0.5% TOPO in MtBE extraction at pH2, PFBBr deriv.

Centrifugation, supernatant pH raised to 11, dried at 95°C, redissolved in H3PO4 Centrifugation, storage of frozen supernatant, acidified

3 min desorpt.

Direct aqueous injection, 200°C, 1 /jl 1

(b) 225°C 0.5-3 ju.1, splitless, direct aqueous inj.


Precolumn: 1 m, 0.53 mm i.d., anal, column: Nukol, 15 m, 0.53 mm i.d. FFAP-CBwax (HP): (a) 10 m, 0.53 (itm i.d.,



He He

C2-C7 mono-

carboxylic acids C2-C7 mono-carboxylic acids

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