figure 11.19 Chromatogram obtained from (I) lake water; (II) the same sample spiked with 600 nmol/l of methylamine, 500 nmol/l ethylamine, 1 ¿¿mol/l of n-propylamine and n-butylamine. (a) NPA-Osu; (b) unknown (1) methylamine, (2) ethylamine, (3) n-propylamine, (4) «-butylamine. (From Liu, X., Wang, H., Liang, S. C., and Zhang, H. S., Anal. Chim. Acta 441, 45-52, 2001.)

Examples of environmental analysis of amines in soil are shown in Table 11.18.

There are very few papers devoted to the determination of amines in soils. Finding an analytical method for determining amines in soil is possible but difficult because of the fact that extracting AAs involves both reversible and irreversible binding with humic acids in the soil working with spiked samples. The sensitivity of the method can be improved substantially by manipulation of the matrix, e.g., water addition, and by optimization of the extraction conditions, e.g., temperature, fiber coating material, mixing, and extraction time. However, matrix effects determined by the soil characteristics, especially the organic carbon content, are large.37

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