Five commercially available fibers, PDMS, 100 ¡xm\ PA, 85 /j,m; CAR-PDMS, 75 /_iin: PDMS-DVB, 65 /Ltm; and PDMS, 7 ¡xm were purchased from Supelco

PDMS fiber, sampling temperature of 25°C, an absorption time of 10 min, the addition of 0.1 g of anhydrous sodium sulfate and a desorption time of 2 min

SPME fiber coated with lOO-^m thick PDMS

Four types of fibers: 1-faa (7-PDMS), 100-jiim (100-PDMS), 75-ju.m (CAR-PDMS) and 65-ju.m (CWX-DVB)

PCBsPAH phthalate esters

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