Genetic Engineering

Gene Expression, Genetically Modified Organisms 158

7.1 Genetic Engineers 160

7.2 Genetic Engineers Can Use Bacteria to Synthesize Human Proteins 161

Producing rBGH 161

FDA Regulations 169

Basic versus Applied Research 169

7.3 Genetic Engineers Can Modify Foods 170

Why Are Crop Plants Genetically Modified? 170 How Are Crops Genetically Modified? 172 GMOs and Health 174 GM Crops and the Environment 174

7.4 Genetic Engineers Can Modify Humans 177

The Human Genome Project 177

Using Genetic Engineering to Cure Human Disease 179 It May Soon Be Possible to Clone Humans 182 Essay 7.1 Patenting 178 Essay 7.2 Stem Cells 180 Chapter Review 185

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