Key Terms

androgen p. 305 anti-Mullerian hormone p. 308 cervix p. 308 corpus luteum p. 317 differentiate p. 307 ducts p. 307 endocrine system p. 304 endometrium p. 316 epididymis p. 308 estrogen p. 305 follicle cell p. 313 follicle-stimulating hormone

(FSH) p. 305 frontal bone p. 322 genitalia p. 307

gonadotropin-releasing hormone (GnRH) p. 305

gonads p.305

Gpbox genes p. 307

hormones p. 304

hypothalamus p. 305

Leydig cells p. 311

luteinizing hormone (LH)

mandible p. 322 menstrual cycle p. 316 Mullerian duct system p. 308 oogenesis p. 313 oogonia p. 313 ossa coxae p.322 oviducts p. 308

ovulation p. 313 ovum p. 315 pituitary gland p. 305

pituitary gonadotropins p. 305 placenta p. 318 polar body p. 315 primary follicle p. 313 primary oocyte p. 313 primary spermatocyte p. 311 progesterone p. 317 Q angle p. 322 secondary oocyte p. 313

secondary spermatocyte p. 311

semen p. 313

seminal vesicle p. 313 seminiferous tubule p. 311 Sertoli cells p. 313 sex hormone p. 305 spermatid p. 311 spermatogenesis p. 311 spermatozoa p. 313 SRY gene p. 307 temporal bone p. 322 testosterone p. 305 urethra p. 308 uterus p. 308 vagina p. 308 vas deferens p. 308 Wolffian duct system p. 308

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