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Figure 1.1. A combinatorial library constructed from five reacting components.

these techniques is often a matter of personal preference, and they are performed side by side in most laboratories. For very large libraries, however, construction on resins is more practical, whereas for smaller, focused libraries, solution phase chemistry is more practical. Solid phase methods are also specially advantageous for multistep iterative processes and are notable for the comparative ease of purification by simple filtration and the ability to drive reactions to completion by the use of excess reagents. Throughout the previous decade, solid phase organic synthesis (SPOS) has dominated combinatorial chemistry, and many novel methods have been developed as a result.

The main concepts in this field can be summarized in Figs. 1.1 and 1.2. In Fig. 1.1, there is a hypothetical combinatorial compound library of condensation products produced by reacting every possible combination of five starting materials. This results in a library containing 25 (5 X 5) products. The library could be constructed by 25 individual reactions, with each product separate from all of the others. It could also be constructed by run

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