NonGPCRLinked Cytokine Receptors

Cytokines are polypeptide mediators and are involved in the inflammatory/immune response (86).There are three cytokine families: hematopoietin, which includes IL-2-IL7, L-9-13; IL-15-IL-17; IL-19,1L-21, IL-22, GMCSF, GCSF, EPO, LIF, OSM, and CNTF, with primary signal transduction through the Jak/ STAT pathway; tumor necrosis factor, comprising the receptors, TNFRSFl-18 that signal through NFkB, TRAF and caspases; and the interleukin 1/TIR family that includes IL-1RI and IL-1RII, IL-lRrp2, and IL1RAPL. TIGGR-1,ST2, IL-18, and Toll 1-9 also signal through NFkB and TRAF. Some of these cyto-kine receptors mediate inflammatory responses, whereas others are anti-inflammatory, making this a highly complex as well as multimembered family (87).

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