Complications Of Posterior Chamber Iols

In recent years, more than one million posterior chamber IOLs were implanted annually in the United States. These IOLs have been significantly modified from the style of the original Shearing lens. The haptics of these lenses are no longer the conventional J-shape but have evolved to a C-shaped, softer configuration. Optic sizes have also been modified to accomodate newer techniques for cataract removal, and drilled positioning holes in the optic have all but disappeared. The finish of these one-piece PMMA lenses is excellent. Yet, despite the technological advances in IOL manufacture, clinical complica tions still exist, as discussed in the next section. Although the magnitude of these problems is relatively small, our goal is for a higher degree of excellence in this procedure, and therefore we should strive to overcome these problems. While several of these complications are related to the surgical procedure, others arise from fabrication of the IOL and its existence within a biologic environment.

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