Surgical Adhesives

As in most applications of polymers as biomedical implants, in ophthalmology any polymeric device must be as ftee as

FIG. Schematic representation of an eye with a detached retina. The retina can be pushed back into its normal place by inhering a fluid in the vitreous cavity i'inside arrow) while the subrennai fluid is drained (outside arrow). A scleral buckling implant (the drawing represents an encircling implant! is placed over retirtal tears to counteract die traction on the retina of a shrinking vitreous and to reapproxi-inate the retina to the underlying tissues.

possible of residual monomer. However, in die unique case of the cyanoacrylate surgical adhesives, the monomers are applied directly to the tissues and almost instantaneously polymerize and adhere tenaciously to the tissues. The cyanoacrylate adhesives have been used in many diverse applications in the eye but have been particularly useful in cornea! perforation and ulcers as well as in gluing artificial epithelium to the corneal surface and repairing retinal detachments (Refojo etal1971),

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