Fetal Alcohol Syndrome

Fetal alcohol syndrome consists of various abnormalities in the infants of mothers who consumed

figure 10.14

Mercury neurotoxicity. A 46-year-old chemical operator was exposed to organic mercury compounds for approximately 3 years. At age 50 years, he was evaluated for unsteadiness of gait, clumsiness of hands, and deteriorating eyesight. His neurologic deficits slowly progressed, along with mental decline. At age 74, he died. CT scan of the head at age 72 years shows (A) prominent cal-carine and Sylvian fissures and marked atrophy of the medial aspects of the occipital lobes and insular regions. B. Horizontal slice of the brain shows cortical and white matter atrophy of the medial occipital lobes. C. The cerebellar cortex is severely atrophic. D. The striate cortex shows significant neuronal losses and abundance of corpora amylacea (PAS). E. The cerebellum shows diffuse losses of granule cells and only moderate Purkinje cell losses (HE).

excessive alcohol during pregnancy. Microcephaly, facial anomalies (short palpebral fissure, thin upper lip, incomplete jaw development), growth retardation, cerebellar dysgenesis, and neuroglial heterotopia are among the common anomalies.

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