Late Sequelae Of Vascular Injuries

Survivors of a severe hypoxic-ischemic episode in the perinatal period display a variety of distinct cerebral lesions. The cerebral cortex, hemispheric white matter, deep gray structures, and cerebellar cortex are affected in varying combinations (Table 14.2). Clinically, the table 14.2.

Late Sequelae of Perinatal Hypoxic-Ischemic Insults

Sclerotic microgyria (ulegyria) Multicystic leukomalacia Porencephaly

Diffuse sclerosis of white matter

Status marmoratus of deep gray structures

Atrophy and sclerosis of cerebellum lesions manifest with mental retardation, motor deficits, visual impairment, and seizures, the severity of which vary with the extent and location of the lesions.

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