Other Intradural Tumors

Paraganglioma, a rare benign tumor in adults, is attached to the filum terminale and cauda equina. Histologically, its lobular pattern of round, uniform cells is similar to that seen in tumors in other places.

Lipoma and dermoid cyst are more common in children. They are situated in the lumbosacral region and are often associated with malformations of the spine.

Carcinomas and lymphomas can metastasize to the dura and leptomeninges; from there, they may invade the spinal cord (see Fig. 11.46).

Dissemination from primary intracranial tumors (medulloblastoma, glioblastoma, oligodendroglioma, germinoma, and choroid plexus papilloma) occurs via the CSF. The seeded tumor cells infiltrate the nerve roots and may extend into the spinal cord along the perivascular spaces (see Fig. 11.7).

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