This book, Clinical Neuropathology, is particularly aimed at neurologists, pathologists-in-training, and medical students involved in clinical neurosciences and pathology. It also addresses psychiatrists and those practitioners interested in diseases of the nervous system.

Over the last decade, a wealth of information has accumulated, impacting practically all disciplines of neurology. Numerous studies have enriched our knowledge of the molecular and genetic basis of neurodegen-erative diseases, the genetics of neoplasms, and the molecular biology of inherited neurometabolic diseases, to mention a few. Some studies prompted new classifications, some opened new therapeutic strategies, and some still await elucidation.

The intent of this book is twofold:

• To provide a solid background in the structural alterations of common and less common but important nervous system diseases, along with their clinical manifestations.

• To incorporate into this background new information selected from the vast number of studies on molecular pathology and the pathogenesis of major nervous system diseases.

The reader thus finds easy access to recent developments in basic and clinical neurology.

For psychiatrists, this book presents material on the neuropathologic aspects of psychiatric disorders and on the molecular pathology of several dementing diseases. Pathologists-in-training who, due to a regrettable decline in autopsies, lack personal experience of postmortem examination of neurologic diseases, will find useful material here. Medical students can easily access the essential elements of neuropathology, and those with special interests can find sufficient material for their particular needs.

The material is divided into 14 chapters. The first chapter deals with the goals of neuropathologic examination. It includes representative pictures of the brain and spinal cord and tables of histologic methods. The second chapter presents characteristic histologic reactions of neural tissue to diseases and pathologic conditions particular to the nervous system. The following chapters deal with major disease categories. Each category contains an overview of general pathologic and clinical characteristics; descriptions of the gross and histologic features of individual diseases, along with their clinical features; and data on the pathogenetic mechanism in particular diseases. Brief case histories and neuroimaging accompany many pathologic illustrations. Tables summarize the characteristic clinical and pathologic features of particular diseases and point out distinctive features of other related diseases. A number of review questions follow each chapter. The answers are presented in an addendum following the last chapter. The bibliography is limited to the latest and most pertinent references.

It is hoped that Clinical Neuropathology will meet the educational needs of the reader.

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